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Speed Factor in Traffic Fatality Monday

Posted in Dupont Circle, Wrecks, Collisions, & Accidents with tags , , on May 26, 2009 by Kent

Crash Dupont CircleAccording to the WUSA9 report on the traffic accident that occurred 3:20 a.m. yesterday morning, a chief factor that may have lead to the death of the driver was the high rate of speed with which the vehicle was traveling. There is also the possibility that the vehicle was stolen.

The driver was apparently attempting to maneuver around a slower-moving vehicle, when he lost control and struck a Pepco pole and a tree in the 1700 block of Connecticut Avenue.

The death of the driver surely helped bring this story to the fore, but this is not a unique or isolated incident. Car thefts are still far more frequent in the City than anyone wants. The result of these joyriding teens ranges from inconvenience, to damaged property, to death as in the case reported here.

I’m sure MPD is just as frustrated as I am with the mix of speed, theft, inexperience, and automobiles. Its costing the city and residents a fortune to police the streets and repair property damage. I’d like to be able to get on a high horse and tell the police how to address this problem, but I can’t think of anything more they can do outside of men and equipment they aren’t going to get in this financial climate.