Just Another Saturday on Rock Creek Church Rd

0191 I have no idea how a car even gets close to hitting this street light from the direction it was going.

There are many accidents on the stretch of Rock Creek Church Rd between 5th and Upshur in a year. This one was at the corner of RCCR & 5th. People drive WAY to fast on this stretch of road, and when you facter in the sharp curve in the middle, and that people try to beat the light, frankly, I’m somewhat surprised there aren’t more.

I have no idea what the answer is. Speed bumps wouldn’t be the answer, as its a main route for the bus and ambulances use it frequently to get to the Washington Hospital Center. At least this fool hit the traffic light … so if there is any damage the city will fix it. The last idiot hit the fence of the Soldier’s Home, and they haven’t lifted a finger to repair the damage.


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