Jim Graham’s Statements on Last Night’s Park View Shootings

Jim Graham issued a few statements on last night’s shootings around midday today. They are as follows:

Statement sent at 12:20 pm:

Dear Friends,

Last night, at about 10 PM, there was a shooting outside of 618 Quebec NW. Details remain sketchy.

However, the report I have is that a man in a Mercedes Benz pulled up in front of 618 Quebec, and shots were thereafter exchanged. A number of shots were fired.

A woman at the address was shot in the leg. The driver of the car pulled away, but shortly thereafter (at Park Place and Otis) the car went out of control and crashed. The driver, who had apparently been shot in the exchange, was taken to the hospital in critical condition, and later died.

This address on Quebec has previously been the subject of numerous neighborhood complaints.

MPD tells me that this is more evidence of a beef between a gang in Park View and one at 7th and Taylor in Ward 4.

More information to follow.Councilmember Jim Graham

Graham followed up with this email at 1:22 pm:

Dear Friends, I now have a little bit more information.

The driver in the Mercedes was standing with the others in front of 618 Quebec Place. Persons (or person) in a tan or silver station wagon had parked, and proceeded to the address, where they opened fire. They returned to their vehicle and fled. MPD is looking for this vehicle now.

Later in the wee hours of the morning, more shots were fired in the area of 7th and Shepherd, suggesting more gang related feuding.

Bests Jim


2 Responses to “Jim Graham’s Statements on Last Night’s Park View Shootings”

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