Vintage Ride of the Week: 1965 Buick Wildcat

1965 Buick Wildcat
The Buick Wildcat began life in 1962 as an option of the Buick Invicta. From 1963 through 1970 the Buick Wildcat was its own series.

1965 Buick WildcatWhen the Wildcat became its own series, a convertible and four-door hardtop sedan was added to the model lineup, which included the original two-door hardtop coupe from the prior year. Bucket seats were standard in the coupe and convertible; a bench seat was standard in the four-door version. Under the hood was the 401 cubic-inch V8 engine which stayed as standard equipment until 1966. From 1964 through 1966 a 425 cubic-inch V8 was offered as optional equipment which raised horsepower to 340.

1965 Buick WildcatIn 1965 all new styling was updated on the Wildcat. Sharing the same sheetmetal body as the LeSabre, the Wildcat continued to keep its same unique badging and grille. The Wildcat lineup was expanded to include a total of ten models, five coupes and five sedans.

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1965 Buick Wildcat


2 Responses to “Vintage Ride of the Week: 1965 Buick Wildcat”

  1. I picked up a 65 wildcat conv. last summer
    where is a good place to find sheet metal
    (such as rocker pathes front fender
    and misc chrome)
    thanks for your time
    and info.

  2. thank you for the wondeful post. i spend 20 minutes on the internet with a picture of a car i saw on the street, wondering what model it was and finally… this was it! love from athens greece

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