Phoebe Apperson Hearst & 1400 New Hampshire Ave, NW

phoebe-apperson-hearstPhoebe Apperson Hearst (1842-1919) married 41 year old George Hearst at the age of 19. Shortly after their marriage, the couple moved to San Franciso and had a son, William Randolph Hearst.

When George Hearst was elected to the United States senate in 1887, the couple relocated to Washington D.C. where Phoebe entertained many guests and statesman. Four years later, Phoebe became the sole heir to her husband’s valuable estate upon his death in 1891.

Phoebe returned to California after George’s death.hearst-home

While they lived here in Washington, their home was located at 1400 New Hampshire Ave, NW, right on Dupont circle where Jury’s is currently located just off Dupont circle at the intersection of New Hampshire and O Street. The house, designed by architect Robert Fleming, was built in 1883 for John Field, and sold to Secretary of the Treasury, Charles Fairchild, in 1888. When it was acquired in 1889 by California Senator William G. Hearst, it was redesigned from the Colonial Revival style into the Romanesque by architect Harvey Page. After Hearst died in 1891, his widow Phoebe Apperson Hearst lived there until 1902 when she sold the mansion, which became the Italian Embassy until 1925. Subsequently, it was used as a hotel, a club, the Russian Bible Society Headquarters (from 1948 to 1958), and the Cathedral Club Residence, until 1964, when it was demolished. Additional images of the home, primarily of the interior, are after the jumphearst-home-porchhearst-home-carriagehearst-home-hall



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  1. […] And Then: In 1889, the Hearst family remodeled it in the Romanesque Revival style. You can read more about this house and see additional images at this post. […]

  2. Renata Fellmeth Says:

    I was looking at my grand mother’s document when she entered into the USA. Her place of residence on the USA document is 1400 New Hampshire Ave. N.W. Washington DC., in October 24, 1951. She was employed as a housekeeper. She was Latvian. Her name is Jeva Lizete Veperts. I find this very fascinating! She was applying for her citizenship. Not sure how long she worked for this family. Very cool….

  3. Renata Fellmeth Says:

    Sorry, I meant she worked for the hotel which was after Phoebe Hearst sold the house and it became a hotel/club for the Russian Bible Society Headquarters. Cool

  4. bible covers…

    […]Phoebe Apperson Hearst & 1400 New Hampshire Ave, NW « Washington Kaleidoscope[…]…

  5. Linn Bradshaw Weeks Says:

    Hello Renata. I am so excited to see your comment about your grandmother. My parents owned a house across the street from “The Bible House” which housed Latvians while they went to school or got jobs and their citizenships. We lived at 1319 and had many playmates from the Bible House. I fondly remember them and would love to get in touch with some of them. We also attended the John Quincy Adams Elementary school together. My twin brother David and I lived on New Hampshire Ave. across the street from the Bible House from 1947 to 1957 when we moved to Old Greenwich,CT. I never knew 1400 to be hotel so much as a temporary residence for families from Latvia. I see you posted this two years ago. I hope yoyo check this sight from time to time and see my post. You can also find me on Facebook.

  6. Hi Renata:

    Really loved those pictures. And got really excited reading about it. Actually, after seeing my birth certificate, it has this address on it of where my parents lived when I was born. Apparently they lived at 1400 New Hampshire Ave. NW. I suppose they rented a room. Originally, I thought it was an apartment building, but from what I see, it wasn’t. It says that it was used as the Russian Bible Society. My parents weren’t Russian, but I guess they rented out rooms to anyone. My dad, according to the my birth certificate, worked at Emerson & Orme car dealer, which, after looking it up, wasn’t very far from there.

    If you have anymore information or remember anything else, sure would appreciate it.

    I am also on facebook

    Mercedes Balseca

  7. Ann Reese Says:

    I lived here from 1961-1963 w a group of girls while we were attending Georgetown Visitation Junior College.

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