Still on the Trail of Stikman

StikmanAs I’ve posted before, there may be as many as 150 or so of these Stikman images around Washington (and more around the country). To date, this is the fourth one I’ve found.

This Stikman is located in the crosswalk at the intersection of Pennsylvania and Constitution. Its on the north side, just as you step off the curb when walking east.


5 Responses to “Still on the Trail of Stikman”

  1. I saw two yesterday in the heart of Georgetown at the intersection of M and 31st, a white one crossing M and a black one crossing 31st. Neat.

  2. I’ll have to check them out. I also saw one this morning that I’ll post soon.

  3. I saw one in a crosswalk in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, but the second one I saw really threw me off, because he was inside a broken little electrical box of some sort on a light post at the corner of, I think, Light Street and Pratt SW side. I found another blog discussion of him in which he was supposed to be a commentary on the dangers of crosswalks, which made sense until I found this second one. Have you discovered any new information about him? For some reason he intrigues me more than many other street art pieces…

  4. There’s one on Tremont St. near Government center in Boston as well. I always wondered what that thing was, haha.

  5. I found one near the LOVE PARK in Philadelphia and wondered what it was… until I found another in TIMES SQUARE and then just got completely intrigued!! They’re so awesome.

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