Another Stikman Captured

Stikman, 9th and ConstitutionI first noticed Stikman back on February 2oth, at the intersection of 17th and I.  On March 6th, I saw another one at 17th and Pennsylvania.  The one to the right is at the intersection of 9th and Constitution. Its nice to know I’m neither the only one who’s noticed them, nor the only one that is fascinated by them.

A reader brought an article to my attention from last September, in which the writer Stephan Lowman also got on the trail of Stickman, the apparent creation of a gorilla street artist that distributes him around the country. In the District, there may be as many as 150 of them scattered around.

So, having found three of them so far, I clearly have my work cut out for me. Fortunately, each time is see one, it brings a smile to my face and puts a little pep in my walk.


2 Responses to “Another Stikman Captured”

  1. […] on the Trail of Stikman As I’ve posted before, there may be as many as 150 or so of these Stikman images around Washington (and more around the […]

  2. It’s very dangerous to see these so-called ‘art’ in the middle of the pedestrian cross. I had the tendency to stop but immediately realized I’m crossing a street full of cars. Yes, it was green for me to pass but still, I find it very distracting to be placed there. My initial thought was that this is how the city marked it as representation of a person killed in a traffic accident on that very spot.

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