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This Date in History

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July 24, 1911: The initial steps in an important plan to improve the city and care for the future of the National Capital were taken when Senator Curtis introduced two bills that contemplated valuable additions to the park system of the District. Similar measures were introduced in the House. One of the measures provided for the purchase of the Klingle Ford valley, and the other for the extension and improvement of Lovers’ lane, between Massachusetts avenue and R street. Both measures were strongly recommended by the District commissioners.Senator Curtis

Dupont Circle ca. 1886

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This plan is from the 1887 Report of the Chief of Engineers, U. S. Army.Dupont Circle plan 1887It matches up well with this view of Dupont Circle from a period postcard, which I’ve posted before.
Dupont Park
A list of the types of trees and shrubs that were in the park in 1887 is after the jump Continue reading

Joan of Arc, Meridian Hill Park

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Joan of Arc, Meridian Hill Park
This statue stands at the top of the fountains at Meridian Hill Park and was created in 1922 by the sculptor Paul Dubois. The statue is a gift of the women of France to the women of the United States and is the only equestrian statue with a female subject in the city. It is a replica of a statue that stands on the grounds of Rheims Cathedral in France.

Then and Now: The Reserve at Park Place and Rock Creek Church Road

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Park Place ReserveThen: Photographed ca. 1921, the reserve at Park Place, Park Place and Rock Creek Church Road, NW. This image was taken as park of a survey of the City’s many reserves.

Park Place and RCCR ReserveNow: Still a green, tree filled area, the reserve now has a sidewalk. The streetlight has been removed and replaced by modern versions. In 2007, the reserve received new trees with the assistance of Casey Trees, which are all still doing well. If you happen to be at this location, you may want to take note of the house to the right in the earlier photograph. Though you can’t see it in the now photograph above, the porches in the earlier photograph are no longer there.

Rock Creek Church Park View Reserve

Columbia Heights Public Realm Project Taking Shape

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The fountain focal point of the Columbia Heights Public Realm Project has a lot of the plumbing installed. Lets hope this means that they’ll be able to get the plaza at 14th Street and Park Rd. back in order soon. While I like the idea of a fountain, I already miss the trees they removed after a few short years.Columbia Heights Public Realm fountain

Farragut Square Gets Marigolds

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NPS planting marigoldsDespite all the rain of the past few days, the National Park Service has still been able to plant marigolds around the monument to David Farragut.

They were able to plant the northern bed on Tuesday, and the southern bed yesterday. In the spring, the beds are full of tulips.

I can’t say I’m fond of marigolds, but they’ll be nice enough. That said, I can’t help but wonder what the beds would look like if they were bordered in perrenial sedum with room for annuals in the middle.NPS at Farragut Square

S and T Street Triangle Parks Progressing Well

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T Street parkFollowing up on my April 2nd post, I visited the S and T Street parks yesterday. They seem to be progressing well. The T Street park looks to be nearly done. It has pavers and only appears to be lacking benches. The plantings are small, but all seem to be in.

The T Street park — destined to be the City’s first official dog park — still has a lot of work ahead of it. The infrastructure being installed looks like plumbing, which makes sense to me. Despite the current state of the park, it doesn’t mean that things could wrap up quickly. It all depends on how extensive the renovations yet to complete are.

S Street park

Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens

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Aquatic GardensSunday was so nice that it seemed like a great opportunity to check out the Aquatic Gardens. If you’re like me, this is something that you’ve probably been meaning to do for years, but just haven’t gotten around to.

I’m glad I went, but think that there are probably nicer times to go, as the water lilies were just opening up and other flowers weren’t yet in bloom.

That said, if you really want to feel like you are miles away for the city, but don’t want to go too far, this is a good choice. There was little to no city noises, outside the occasional boat on the Anacostia. Its a nice stroll, and I’m guessing a good place for children.

There isn’t much wildlife to see unless you consider rabbits and geese wildlife. However, if you’re into birds, I heard plenty of them.

To learn more about how the gardens including how they came to be, you can go to their Web site.  More photos after the jump. Continue reading

City Get’s First Permanent Dog Park

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S Street Dog ParkAs I was walking down New Hampshire the other day, I noticed that work is progressing at the S Street triangle park.

According to a Department of Parks and Recreation announcement, the S Street triangle park will become the District’s first permanent public dog park.  This new 5,600 square foot public dog park will be maintained in partnership by Circle Dogs and DPR.  Work at the T Street triangle park will bring new landscaping, decorative pavers, and seating areas. In addition, the work will help preserve one of the District’s oldest swamp oak trees.

The groundbreaking was back on February 10th, but they seem to be in full swing now.S & T street triangle parks