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Tree Watering Planned for Saturday

Posted in City Services, Plants & Gardening with tags , , on August 5, 2009 by Kent

New Hampshire treesPitching in to help care for the new trees on New Hampshire Ave near the intersection of Georgia Ave. has been tough.

The trees southwest of Georgia Avenue have been in particular need.

To that end, there has been a call for All Hands on Deck this Saturday at 7:00 am to water this section. If you have the time and ability, gather at the sculpture at the Metro station. The more the better.

The watering will be done with buckets — the water being supplied by Donatelli from the new construction across the street.

Trees in New Hampshire Median Need Your Help!

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The trees along New Hampshire Avenue between Georgia and Sherman Avenues are in horrible shape, being stressed due to lack of water. If you live along this stretch of road and would be willing to help keep them watered … the neighborhood and the trees NEED YOUR HELP!

The good news is that Casey Trees will be watering them tomorrow morning.

The bad news is that I alerted DDOT to this Sunday night, and they quickly indicated that they would contact Casey Trees. It wasn’t until the last 12 36 hours, starting with Wayan Vota last night and me this morning that Casey seems to have gotten wind of the problem.

While we have a small victory that the trees will be watered tomorrow, Casey Trees is looking for a neighborhood solution. So, if you live in the area and are willing to assist, please speak up.

You can see from the photo below that Wayan Vota supplied how rough the trees have gotten.
Thirsty Trees in New Hampshire Ave Median


DDOT Invites Residents on Urban Tree Walk

Posted in City Services with tags , , on June 11, 2009 by Kent

Street treesI know trees are something that a lot of DC residents care about, so when I got this announcement from DDOT I knew I had to share it. I also think its a great opportunity to get to know both trees and neighbors better.  The Urban Forestry Administration lists the schedule here>>

Summer Series Kicks Off This Saturday in Palisades

(Washington, D.C.) Join the Department of Transportation’s Certified Arborists for an Urban Tree Walk every Saturday this summer.  Bring your children or a cup of coffee for an informal discussion with the experts from the Urban Forestry Administration (UFA) who care for all of the street trees in the District.  Continue reading

Petworth Community Effort to Replace RCCR Street Trees

Posted in City Services, Nature & Wildlife, Petworth with tags , , , , on June 9, 2009 by Kent

One of the newest residents of Rock Creek Church Road (RCCR) in Petworth is making a huge impact. In the short time he and his wife have lived in their home, Rob Mandle has shown a community spirit that’s unheard of.

Rock Creek Church Road Tree Survey His latest project involves replacing the dead and missing street trees on RCCR between Park Place and Webster. In addition to working with Carol Herwig and Casey Trees, Rob has been able to rally no fewer than ten households willing to participate with time, hoses, and water to keep new trees well cared for and healthy.

The vast majority of the missing trees are along the narrow easement along the Old Soldiers’ Home, between the sidewalk and the street.

In the effort to replace the lost tree canopy, Rob put together the map included here, which identifies that there are approximately 21 existing empty tree pits and 1 with a dead tree in it. While replacing the trees will naturally add beauty, there is the additional impact of helping to address the issue of speeding along RCCR by tapping the natural tenancy of drivers to react to a narrowing or constricted right-of-way (tunnel effect).

Lastly, tree replacement would contribute to Mayor Fenty’s efforts to increasing the urban tree canopy within the District to 40%, part of the City’s Green DC Agenda.

DDOT/Metro … We Have a Problem

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Petworth leak 3I discovered when I arrived at the Georgia Ave./Petworth Metro this morning that the sudden downpour this morning flooded, of all things, the Metro station. Nearly the entire length of the platform was flooded.

Tracing the water down the platform, I quickly learned that the leak was coming from above.

Petworth leakI think its logical to presume that the median work on New Hampshire Avenue has compromised the integrity of the Metro station, and that there will continue to be water during showers until this is addressed.

I know the community has been concerned that the median work has not gone deep enough to support the planned trees … but guess what, that may not be an option. Ultimately, the neighborhood may have to accept smaller plantings. We’ll see.

The cause was likely a clogged storm drain or ventilator shaft, which is much better than my initially assumption which showed my complete ignorance of the construction details of this station. This is one instance where I’m am thrilled to have been wrong.petworth leak blurry

Status of Reserves Along Rock Creek Church Rd, NW

Posted in City Services, Park View, Petworth with tags , , , , on May 29, 2009 by Kent

City mowing reserve at Park Pl & RCCRFor those that live along Rock Creek Church Rd, watching the care and maintenance of the reserves has become a spectator sport (reserves are the smaller, triangular grassy areas created by diagonal streets).

What can be confusing is that most of these are in Petworth/Ward 4, and one is in Park View/Ward 1 … which means they are often, but not always, on different mowing schedules and those that aren’t too observant have voiced frustrations that one or the others of them have been missed.

Yesterday morning, the Ward 1 reserve (bordered by Park Place, Park Place, and Rock Creek Church) was mowed early in the morning, which worked out well since the rain came later in the day.

Another interesting item is that the very small reserve at the intersection of Illinois and 4th Street, NW, has been turned into a very attractive garden, as you can see from the images below.
Reserve at 4th and Illinois
Reserve at 4th and Illinois

Do You Care About Street Trees?

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Street trees

Do you care about our urban landscape and the trees place in it? Have you wanted to be more involved in taking care of them, or just talk to someone that does? This may be your opportunity.

I received the following notice from DDOT. If you care about street trees, here’s your opportunity to talk to experts about their care and maintenance.

DDOT to Host Citizen Tree Forum

National Experts to Discuss Urban Tree Care

(Washington, D.C.) The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is offering District residents a unique opportunity to learn more about the street trees in their neighborhoods and how they can help care for them.  DDOT’s Urban Forestry Administration (UFA), in partnership with the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) and the U.S. Forest Service, will host a Citizen Tree Forum on Wednesday, June 3, 2009.

“There are 144,000 street trees in the District,” said DDOT’s Chief Forester John Thomas, “and they are subjected to a tremendous amount of environmental stress.  They need care and nurturing and residents can play a critical role to ensure the trees survive and thrive.  This forum will provide them with a lot of really useful, practical information that will help them do that.”  Continue reading