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Then and Now

Posted in Metro, Transportation on February 28, 2009 by Kent

pr-1851aThen: Metro bus as it appeared on February 1972. (Courtesy Historical Society of Washingtin, Emil A. Press Slide Collection, Bus as originally “marked” by Metro. In 1000 block of Pennsylvania Avenue NW., #PR 1851A)

metro-busNow: Average Metro bus in 2009.

Crestwood at a Glance

Posted in Crestwood, Real Estate on February 28, 2009 by Kent

crestwoodThe Crestwood neighborhood was featured in the Washington Post back on April 29, 2006. If you missed it, you may want to check out the article  Architectural Opulence and a National Park.

I thought it was appropriate to revisit since, as you can see from the post below, its property assessments have significantly dropped this year.

District Home Values On the Decline

Posted in Crestwood, Eckington, LeDroit Park, Michigan Park, Petworth, Real Estate, Riggs Park, Woodridge on February 28, 2009 by Kent

I thought this was interesting. Yesterday, the Post reported that many of the residential neighborhoods in the District will see a decrease in their property assessments, with double-digit drops in seven communities. Crestwood will have a 13% decrease, second only to Michigan Park which had a 16% fall.

While the average decrease in residential property assessments for fiscal 2010 is 3.67%, the other neighborhoods that will see a double digit decrease are Petworth, Riggs Park, Eckington, Woodridge, and LeDroit Park.

This Date in History

Posted in February on February 28, 2009 by Kent

February 28, 1932: Firing accurately through a dense smoke screen laid down by a speeding rum-laden automobile, a Montgomery County policeman disabled the car after a 14-mile-nip-and-tuck chase which extended from Ashton, Md., through Silver Spring and into the fashionable area of upper Sixteenth street.

Then and Now

Posted in Downtown, Farragut Square, Then and Now on February 27, 2009 by Kent

Buildings on the south side of the 1600 block of I Street NW. Including old Army Navy Club.Then: Buildings on the south side of the 1600 block of I Street, NW, ca. 1890s. (Photo courtesy the Historical Society of Washington, General Photograph Collection, #CHS 01435)

p1010004Now: The same stretch of I Street. None of the buildings date to the 19th century.

Obama’s Choose Portuguese Water Dog

Posted in People, Pets, Presidents on February 27, 2009 by Kent

portuguese-water-dogThe Obama family has finally made a decision on what kind of dog to get as the next first dog. As reported by WUSA9 yesterday, they are seeking a Portuguese Water Dog, hopefully from a shelter. 

A complication in choosing a dog has been that they’ve been needing a dog that is hypoallergenic because of Malia’s allergies. Portuguese Water Dogs are considered a good choice for those who suffer from allergies becauses they produce less dander than other breeds.

Now the fun begins. Michelle Obama has already publicly nixed a few proposed names for the next member of the family, so it will be interesting to see what name is ultimately chosen.

7th Street, NW ca. 1870

Posted in Chinatown, Penn Quarter on February 27, 2009 by Kent

Here’s a photo that shows how the area just north of the American Art/Portrait Gallery has really changed in roughly 125 years. The only building that is still there and easily recognizable is the Calvary Baptist Church at 8th and H Street.7th-street-ca-1870