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Vandalism of Rock Creek Market Delays Opening

Posted in Markets, Park View with tags , , on July 27, 2009 by Kent

P1010003Vandalism of the Rock Creek Market, first with graffiti on June 18th (right), and later with the breaking of two windows (below), has caused concern to the owner and developer of the store. Having to deal with senseless vandalism prior to even being open has fortunately not ended this great addition to the neighborhood before its even begun.

While everything is still on track to open, the date has now been moved to the middle of August. This will allow for the repair of the recent damage and the inclusion of additional precautions against property crime.
Damaged window, corner store

Bittersweet Corner Store Update

Posted in Development, Park View with tags , , on July 23, 2009 by Kent

RCCR corner storeI was hoping that my last update on the store being renovated at the corner of Rock Creek Church Road and Warder would be more positive than this, but I guess  sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. It is the goal of the owners to have it opened in the next couple of weeks. As you can see from the one image, the interior is coming along. It looks like its going to be a nice, open area.
Renovation of Store corner of RCCR & Warder

Now for the bad, within the last 24 hours, vandal have damaged the glass of the front door and one of the windows. While this validates the recent addition of bars on the windows, I think its sad that the store was targeting before its even had a chance to open. You may recall it was also the victim of graffiti back on June 19th.
Damaged window, corner store

Fence Repair at Old Soldiers’ Home Continues

Posted in Petworth with tags , on July 13, 2009 by Kent

Following up on my earlier post that the Old Soldiers’ Home is finally repairing their fence that was struck by a car on July 4, 2008, yesterday workers were on site installing the fence itself. Fence Repair at Old Soldiers' Home
Fence Repair at Old Soldiers' Home


Old Soldiers’ Home Repairing Fence

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Old Soldiers' Home fence repairOne day shy of a year, the fence is being repaired at the Old Soldiers’ Home along Rock Creek Church Rd.

On the evening of July 4th, 2008, a SUV lost control and hit the fence. Until now, it’s been nothing but a pile of scattered brick and bent ironwork.

Old Soldiers' Home Fence repairI noticed the iron fencing is gone. I presume it is being straightened and restored for installation.

But, the stone and brickwork is currently being restored. In talking with the guys from P and P, they had to rebuild everything because the mortor was no longer holding.

From what I saw of their work, it is very good and historically accurate.

I thought it was also a good sign to see P and P doing the work. They have a good reputation in town and generally do good work from what I’ve seen and heard.P and P

Rock Creek Market News

Posted in Markets, Park View with tags , , on July 2, 2009 by Kent

Rock Creek MarketAt last night’s Park View UNC meeting, the owners/developers of the Rock Creek Market attended to tell the community about their progress, and ask the neighborhood what kind of market they wanted.

They clearly stated that the goal is for the market to belong to the neighborhood. They want it light and accessible, and they want to carry items in support of the neighborhoods needs. To that end, a sheet was passed around to attendees so that they could write down their top three items that they want the market to stock, which gives the owners a better idea of what to carry.

One member at the meeting suggested they take a look at the market in Le Droit Park at 4th and T, as that sounded like the type of market they are attempting to create.

It was also mentioned that they have applied for a licence to carry wine and beer, but that would not be in place for their opening … which is still on track for the end of July or early August.

Another idea that was floated was to have outdoor seating. It was well received and is something that will be considered. Again, that will not be in place when the market opens.

The hours are currently planned to be 8 am to 1o pm. Depending upon community support and demand, those hours may change, but the market will not be a 24 hour establishment.

Lastly, as to the structure, they have decided to put bars on the windows. As you can see below, I think they are tasteful and it was a better option that leaving the windows boarded up like they were.Rock Creek Market windows

Then and Now: 519 and 521 Rock Creek Church Road

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Moore & Hill, Inc. Ad May 29, 1910Then: 519 and 521 Rock Creek Church Road, NW, newly completed and offered for sale in this ad from May 29, 1910. Ranging from $4,950 to $6,250, the only major differences in these homes besides the price is the size of the lot and the choice of smooth stucco, textured stucco, and red brick.

519-521 rock Creek Church RoadNow: 521 Rock Creek Church Road sold on March 26, 2009, for $525,000. It was originally listed nearly a year earlier for $703,500, if memory serves.

Get Your Fireworks!!! While They Last

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The firework stand on the corner of Rock Creek Church Rd & New Hampshire Avenue is finally open for business … so get them while they last!Fireworks stand open