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Neon Traffic Indicators on 17th Street

Posted in Downtown, Neon with tags , on August 7, 2009 by Kent

Neon Traffic sign -- malfunction17th Street becomes a one way south street during the morning rush, and these neon signs are to remind drivers at intersections of that fact. This one has malfunctioned, and the arrow stays on. The signs are to flash between the arrow and the words “one way.” This sign is located between the Mayflower Hotel and the National Geographic Building.

You can get an idea of how they function from the photos below.
Neon Traffic sign
Neon Traffic sign


When River Travel Was an Option

Posted in Random Observations with tags on July 29, 2009 by Kent

Norfolk-Washington and Richmond Steamship Line(From the September 13, 1907, Washington Times)

Another Nice Iron Fence

Posted in Logan Circle, Random Observations with tags , on July 27, 2009 by Kent

Iron fenceThis fence is in the Logan Circle area. I won’t say its unique just because I haven’t seen another one like it, but I don’t think I’d be able to match it if I needed to extend it.

Fresh Fish

Posted in Downtown, Neon with tags , on July 24, 2009 by Kent

This neon fish is in the window of McCormick & Schmick’s on K Street, near the intersection of 17th Street, NW.
Fresh Fish

Evacuation Routes Confusing

Posted in Random Observations with tags , on July 16, 2009 by Kent

I noted back in April that new evacuation signs had hit the streets, and wondered if anyone really would know what to do in an emergency. Unlike coastal areas where one or two routes may exist — with them headed away from the shore — when you mark routes in a metropolitan area that isn’t on the coast, planning for an event that isn’t weather related, and install signs with no direction indicated … how can you expect anyone to know where to go?

Added to this ambiguity, what do you do when you are at an intersection like the one below at K and Connecticut? Both are marked Evacuation Routes. Do you go north, or west, or east, or ????. Without manning the routes with emergency response personnel, there is no hope that this system will work.
Confusing Evacuation Route signs

Uneven Pavement

Posted in Downtown, Random Observations with tags , , , on July 9, 2009 by Kent

Really, nothing more than a sign I liked. It looks like the work on K Streets going to involve a certain amount of repaving.Uneven Pavement

What The???

Posted in Random Observations on July 9, 2009 by Kent

MysteryMaybe someone can help me out. I saw this on Sherman Avenue the other day, I think south of Park Road, but I don’t recall for sure now. When I first saw this I thought it was handcuffs (who knows, maybe it was wishful thinking). Anyway, the more I looked at it, the more I ruled that possibility out. Anyone have an idea of what it is and how it got around a sign pole?